Lean Search 

Launched in Mauritius

The first dedicated Search Engine Marketing Company

In Mauritius

Lean Search‘s journey started after Noor Sheriff’s 10 year career in Marketing out of which 7 years in digital Marketing. Noor Sheriff’s last employer was the ENL Group, for which he operated as Digital Marketing Executive for 10 brands including the country’s most prestigious luxury real estate developments.

After successfully creating digital ecosystems for La Balise Marina, Heritage Villas Valriche, Moka Smart City, Oficea Workspitality, Les Promenades d’Hélvetia and Mauritius Sotheby’s International Realty, Noor resigned on a golden handshake and began his intrapreneurship. 


Turbine: Lean Search’s journey at Turbine started with Test Drive 3. We had a chat with Noor Sheriff, founder who shared his journey from Turbine‘s Test Drive Programme to being selected in the newly launched Acceleration Programme.



"There are 63,000 searches happening on Google every second."

Meg Prater
Managing Editor

 This translates into 5.6 billion searches per day and approximately 2 trillion global searches per year. The average person conducts between three and four searches each day.

Are you on Google?

Why do you need a Search Marketing Partner?

Do you see your website when you type your brand in Google? 
If you do, this is a good start.
If you don’t. There’s a slightly bigger problem.

But, appearing on Google for your brand is the easiest part. You market and sell products or services, right? Your website’s different pages have the potential to rank up for each of the products and services that you market. Not only that, but, now you may also show up in Google for the questions and queries that your prospects would need to look up for in Google to find helpful and meaningful information to consider about and around that product or that service.

Why Lean Search?

We are in the business of getting results and making sure that we live up to our promise. We have a track record of clients from around the world ranking on their queries after having implemented the SEO techniques recommended by Lean Search.

Our Google Ads clients have grown significantly (some have started generating 400+ leads per month when they used to generate 8 to 20 per month). 

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