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Unlike usual digital marketing companies that spread their resources over multiple digital marketing channels, we are a laser-focused in one, single area: Search Engine Advertising. This is how we became the specialist of the field, trusted by industry leaders that want to create cost-effective paid search campaigns that reach high-intent audiences.


Maximise your Return on Ad Spend (RAS)

6 expert tips to get the most from Search Advertising

"In early 2020, Lean Search was appointed for a campaign on Google Search and he recommended further strategies. This has allowed us to grow our lead generation by 20x in the first month, and since, we have gone far and beyond our sales target to generate high potential leads for our growth. Professionalism, consistency and Search Marketing excellence."

Paul Perrier
CEO. Fundkiss

Search Engine Marketing

That Boosts Business Results

Get The Most Out Of Your Digital Marketing Investments

We are not in the business of creating flashy banners that shine but don’t deliver. We implement Search Engine Marketing strategies based on the multi-dimensional analysis of search behaviours to deliver better results, not just in search engines… but on your bottom line too. Every second, there are 63,000 searches taking place on Google Search.

Maximising your Results on Ad Spent (RAS)


Higher Click Through Rate

Be chosen and clicked amongst the many other results on Google Search.


Ads Reach & Awareness

Reach your audience with ads more powerful than billboards.


Lead Generation

Our focus is on generating inquiries or purchases. We make your Ads budget work for you.

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"We’ve been working with Noor Sheriff and his amazing team since the inception of Lean Search, and I must say we are very happy with the results."

Benedicte de Comarmond
Head of Digital
ENL Property

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The best type of performing ads; be there for those already looking for you. Get the best CTR and conversion rates using the Lean Search Methodology.


A returning visitor is more likely to convert than a first time visitor. Reach your recent visitors, people who are almost convinced to consider your brand.


Using the latest targeting techniques to reach your audience, LeanSearch offers packs by million impressions or by specific highly qualified targeting audiences.


Your store is ready. Are you selling? We have a proprietary methodology and formula for Ecommerce Websites. It’s time to sell.

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